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Scientific Publications

Every year Maurice Wilkins Centre investigators produce a large number of peer-reviewed scientific papers and reviews published in international journals. Research directly supported by the Maurice Wilkins Centre generated the following scientific papers.


    Andrews, E. S. V., & Arcus, V. L. PhoH2 proteins couple RNA helicase and RNAse activities. Protein Science (2020) 29(4): 883-892. 

    Andrews, E. S. V., Rzoska-Smith, E., & Arcus, V. L. Post-transcriptional modulation of the SigF regulon in Mycobacterium smegmatis by the PhoH2 toxin-antitoxin. PLoS ONE (2020) 15: e0236551.

    Azimi, I., Stevenson, R. J., Zhang, X., Meizoso-Huesca, A., Xin, P., Johnson, M., Flanagan, J. U., Chalmers, S. B., Yoast, R. E., Kapure, J. S., Ross, B. P., Vetter, I., Ashton, M. R., Launikonis, B. S., Denny, W. A., Trebak, M., & Monteith, G. R. A New Selective Pharmacological Enhancer of the Orai1 Ca2+ Channel Reveals Roles for Orai1 in Smooth and Skeletal Muscle Functions. ACS Pharmacology and Translational Science (2020) 3(1): 135-147.

    Barad, Z., Khant Aung, Z., Grattan, D. R., Ladyman, S. R., & Brown, R. S. E. Impaired prolactin transport into the brain and functional responses to prolactin in aged male mice. Journal of Neuroendocrinology (2020) 32(8): e12889.

    Bashiri, G., Nigon, L. V., Jirgis, E. N. M., Ho, N. A. T., Stanborough, T., Dawes, S. S., Baker, E. N., Bulloch, X. E. M. M., &  Johnston, X. J. M. Allosteric regulation of menaquinone (Vitamin K2) biosynthesis in the human pathogen Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Journal of Biological Chemistry (2020) 295(12): 3759-3770. 

    Boons, G., Vandamme, T., Ibrahim, J., Roeyen, G., Driessen, A., Peeters, D., Lawrence, B., Print, C., Peeters, M., Van Camp, G., & de Beeck, K. O. PDX1 DNA methylation distinguishes two subtypes of pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms with a different prognosis. Cancers (2020) 12(6): 1461.

    Bracegirdle, J., Gordon, D. P., Harvey, J. E., & Keyzers, R. A. Kinase-Inhibitory Nucleoside Derivatives from the Pacific Bryozoan Nelliella nelliiformis. Journal of Natural Products (2020) 83(2): 547-551.

    Brooks, A. E. S., Iminitoff, M., Williams, E., Damani, T., Jackson-Patel, V., Fan, V., James, J., Dunbar, P. R., Feisst, V. & Sheppard, H. M, Ex Vivo Human Adipose Tissue Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells (ASC) Are a Heterogeneous Population That Demonstrate Rapid Culture-Induced Changes. Frontiers in Pharmacology (2020) 10: 1695.

    Burn, O. K., Prasit, K. K., & Hermans, I. F. Modulating the tumour microenvironment by intratumoural injection of pattern recognition receptor agonists. Cancers (2020) 12(12): 1-22. 

    Busby, B. P., Niktab, E., Roberts, C. A., Sheridan, J. P., Coorey, N. V., Senanayake, D. S., Connor, L. M., Munkacsi, A. B., & Atkinson, P. H. Erratum: Publisher Correction: Genetic interaction networks mediate individual statin drug response in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. NPJ systems biology and applications (2020) 6: 9. 

    Calvert, M. B., Furkert, D. P., Cooper, C. B., & Brimble, M. A. Synthetic approaches towards bedaquiline and its derivatives. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters (2020) 30(12): 127172.

    Cameron, A. J., Davison, E. K., An, C., Stubbing, L. A., Dunbar, P. R., Harris, P. W. R., & Brimble, M. A. Synthesis and SAR Analysis of Lipovelutibols B and D and Their Lipid Analogues. Journal of Organic Chemistry (2020) 85(3): 1401-1406. 

    Cameron, A. J., Harris, P. W. R., & Brimble, M. A. On-Resin Preparation of Allenamidyl Peptides: A Versatile Chemoselective Conjugation and Intramolecular Cyclisation Tool. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition (2020) 59(41): 18054-18061. 

    Chung, A. W., Ho, T. K. C., Hanson-Manful, P., Tritscheller, S., Raynes, J. M., Whitcombe, A. L., Tay, M. L., McGregor, R., Lorenz, N., Oliver, J. R., Gurney, J. K., Print, C. G., Wilson, N. J., Martin, W. J., Williamson, D. A., Baker, M. G., & Moreland, N. J.  Systems immunology reveals a linked IgG3–C4 response in patients with acute rheumatic fever. Immunology and Cell Biology (2020) 98(1): 12-21

    Davison, E. K., Freeman, J. L., Zhang, W., Wuest, W. M., Furkert, D. P., & Brimble, M. A. Asymmetric Total Synthesis of the Naturally Occurring Antibiotic Anthracimycin. Organic Letters (2020) 22(14): 5550-5554. 

    Dissanayake, W. C., Sorrenson, B., Lee, K. L., Barre, S., & Shepherd, P. R.  Α-Catenin isoforms are regulated by glucose and involved in regulating insulin secretion in rat clonal β-cell models. Biochemical Journal (2020) 477(4): 763-772.  

    Eiholzer, R. A., Mehta, S., Kazantseva, M., Drummond, C. J., McKinney, C., Young, K., Slater, D., Morten, B. C., Avery-Kiejda, K. A., Lasham, A., Fleming, N., Morrin, H. R., Reader, K., Royds, J. A., Landmann, M., Petrich, S., Reddel, R., Huschtscha, L., Taha, A., Hung, N. A., Slatter, T. L., & Braithwaite, A. W.  Intronic TP53 Polymorphisms Are Associated with Increased Δ133TP53 Transcript, Immune Infiltration and Cancer Risk. Cancers (Basel) (2020) 12(9): 2472.

    Eom, J., Park, S. M., Feisst, V., Chen, C. J. J., Mathy, J. E., McIntosh, J. D., Angel, C. E., Bartlett, A., Martin, R., Mathy, J. A., Cebon, J. S., Black, M. A., Brooks, A. E. S., & Dunbar, P. R.  Distinctive subpopulations of stromal cells are present in human lymph nodes infiltrated with melanoma. Cancer Immunology Research (2020) 8(8): 990-1003.

    Ferrer-Font, L., Mayer, J. U., Old, S., Hermans, I. F., Irish, J., & Price, K. M. High-Dimensional Data Analysis Algorithms Yield Comparable Results for Mass Cytometry and Spectral Flow Cytometry Data. Cytometry Part A (2020) 97(8): 824-831. 

    Ferrer-Font, L., Mehta, P., Harmos, P., Schmidt, A. J., Chappell, S., Price, K. M., Hermans, I. F., Ronchese, F., Le Gros, G., & Mayer, J. U. High-dimensional analysis of intestinal immune cells during helminth infection. eLife (2020) 9: e51678.

    Freeman, J. L., Li, F. F., Furkert, D. P., & Brimble, M. A.  Synthetic Studies towards Spirocyclic Imine Marine Toxins Using N -Acyl Iminium Ions as Dienophiles in Diels-Alder Reactions. Synlett (2020) 31(7): 657-671. 

    Gaar, J., Naffa, R., & Brimble, M. Enzymatic and non-enzymatic crosslinks found in collagen and elastin and their chemical synthesis. Organic Chemistry Frontiers (2020) 7(18): 2789-2814. 

    Garelja, M. L., Au, M., Brimble, M. A., Gingell, J. J., Hendrikse, E. R., Lovell, A., Prodan, N., Sexton, P. M., Siow, A., Walker, C. S., Watkins, H. A., Williams, G. M., Wootten, D., Yang, S. H., Harris, P. W. R. & Hay, D. L.  Molecular Mechanisms of Class B GPCR Activation: Insights from Adrenomedullin Receptors. ACS Pharmacology and Translational Science (2020) 3(2): 246-262. 

    Georgescu, T., Ladyman, S. R., Brown, R. S. E., & Grattan, D. R. Acute effects of prolactin on hypothalamic prolactin receptor expressing neurones in the mouse. Journal of Neuroendocrinology (2020) 32(11): e12908. [bioRxiv]

    Gingell, J. J., Rees, T. A., Hendrikse, E. R., Siow, A., Rennison, D., Scotter, J., Harris, P. W. R., Brimble, M. A., Walker, C. S., & Hay, D. L.  Distinct Patterns of Internalization of Different Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide Receptors. ACS Pharmacology and Translational Science (2020) 3(2): 296-304. [pdf]

    Grant, P. S., Furkert, D. P., & Brimble, M. A.  Total Synthesis of (±)-Leonuketal. Organic Letters (2020) 22: 8735-8740. [chemRxiv]

    Grattan, D. R., & Ladyman, S. R.  Neurophysiological and cognitive changes in pregnancy. Handbook of Clinical Neurology (2020) 171: 25-55.

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    Gustafson, P., Ladyman, S. R., McFadden, S., Larsen, C., Khant Aung, Z., Brown, R. S. E., Bunn, S. J., & Grattan, D. R.  Prolactin receptor-mediated activation of pSTAT5 in the pregnant mouse brain. Journal of Neuroendocrinology (2020) 32(11): e12901. 

    Hards, K., Adolph, C., Harold, L. K., McNeil, M. B., Cheung, C. Y., Jinich, A., Rhee, K. Y., & Cook, G. M.  Two for the price of one: Attacking the energetic-metabolic hub of mycobacteria to produce new chemotherapeutic agents. Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology (2020) 152: 35-44. 

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