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Scientific Publications

Every year Maurice Wilkins Centre investigators produce a large number of peer-reviewed scientific papers and reviews published in international journals. Research directly supported by the Maurice Wilkins Centre generated the following scientific papers.


    Amso, Z., Cornish, J. and Brimble, M. A. Short anabolic peptides for bone growth. Medicinal Research Reviews (2016) 36(4): 579-640. [pdf]

    Amso, Z., Kowalczyk, R., Watson, M., Park, Y. E., Callon, K. E., Musson, D. S., Cornish, J. and Brimble, M. A. Structure activity relationship study on the peptide hormone preptin, a novel bone-anabolic agent for the treatment of osteoporosis. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry (2016) 14(39): 9225-9238.

    Amso, Z., Kowalczyk, R., Park, Y. E., Watson, M., Lin, J. M., Musson, D. S., Cornish, J. and Brimble, M. A. Synthesis and in vitro bone cell activity of analogues of the cyclohexapeptide dianthin G. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry (2016) 14(26): 6231-6243. [pdf]

    Ankisettypalli, K., Cheng, J. J. Y., Baker, E. N. and Bashiri, G. PdxH proteins of mycobacteria are typical members of the classical pyridoxine/pyridoxamine 5′-phosphate oxidase family. FEBS Letters (2016) 590(4): 453-460.

    Atkinson, D. J., Naysmith, B. J., Furkert, D. P. and Brimble, M. A. Enduracididine, a rare amino acid component of peptide antibiotics: Natural products and synthesis. Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry (2016) 12: 2325-2342.

    Aung, H. L., Tun, T., Moradigaravand, D., Koser, C. U., Nyunt, W. W., Aung, S. T., Lwin, T., Thinn, K. K., Crump, J. A., Parkhill, J., Peacock, S. J., Cook, G. M. and Hill, P. C. Whole-genome sequencing of multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from Myanmar. J Glob Antimicrob Resist (2016) 6: 113-117.

    Aung, H. L., Tun, T., Permina, E., Nyunt, W. W., Aung, S. T., Thinn, K. K., Crump, J. A. and Cook, G. M. Draft genome sequences of two drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from Myanmar. Genome Announc (2016) 4(5).

    Bashiri, G., Rehan, A. M., Sreebhavan, S., Baker, H. M., Baker, E. N. and Squire, C. J. Elongation of the poly-γ-glutamate tail of F<inf>420</inf> requires both domains of the F<inf>420</inf>:γ-Glutamyl ligase (FbiB) of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Journal of Biological Chemistry (2016) 291(13): 6882-6894.

    Blenkiron, C., Simonov, D., Muthukaruppan, A., Tsai, P., Dauros, P., Green, S., Hong, J., Print, C. G., Swift, S. and Phillips, A. R. Uropathogenic Escherichia coli releases extracellular vesicles that are associated with RNA. PLoS ONE (2016) 11(8).

    Chorley, D. F., Furkert, D. P. and Brimble, M. A. Synthesis of the spiroketal core of the pinnatifinoside family of natural products. European Journal of Organic Chemistry (2016) 2016(2): 314-319.

    Chowdhury, M. K. H., Wu, L. E., Coleman, J. L. J., Smith, N. J., Morris, M. J., Shepherd, P. R. and Smith, G. C. Niclosamide blocks glucagon phosphorylation of Ser552 on β-catenin in primary rat hepatocytes via PKA signalling. Biochemical Journal (2016) 473(9): 1247-1255.

    Chua, E. W., Cree, S. L., Ton, K. N. T., Lehnert, K., Shepherd, P., Helsby, N. and Kennedy, M. A. Cross-comparison of exome analysis, next-generation sequencing of amplicons, and the iPLEX® ADME PGx panel for pharmacogenomic profiling. Frontiers in Pharmacology (2016) 7(JAN).

    Cook, G. M. and Poole, R. K. A bacterial oxidase like no other? Science (2016) 352(6285): 518-519. [pdf]

    Cooling, M. T., Nickerson, D. P., Nielsen, P. M. F. and Hunter, P. J. Modular modelling with Physiome standards. Journal of Physiology (2016) 594(23): 6817-6831.

    Cottam Jones, J. M., Harris, P. W. R., Scanlon, D. B., Forbes, B. E., Brimble, M. A. and Abell, A. D. Fluorescent IGF-II analogues for FRET-based investigations into the binding of IGF-II to the IGF-1R. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry (2016) 14(9): 2698-2705.

    Cross, P. J., Heyes, L. C., Zhang, S., Nazmi, A. R. and Parker, E. J. The functional unit of neisseria meningitidis 3-deoxy-D-arabino-heptulosonate 7-phosphate synthase is dimeric. PLoS ONE (2016) 11(2).

    Dalton, J. P., Uy, B., Phummarin, N., Copp, B. R., Denny, W. A., Swift, S. and Wiles, S. Effect of common and experimental anti- tuberculosis treatments on Mycobacterium tuberculosis growing as biofilms. PeerJ (2016) 2016(11).

    De Leon Rodriguez, L. M., Hemar, Y., Cornish, J. and Brimble, M. A. Structure-mechanical property correlations of hydrogel forming β-sheet peptides. Chemical Society Reviews (2016) 45(17): 4797-4824.

    De Leon Rodriguez, L. M., Kaur, H. and Brimble, M. A. Synthesis and bioactivity of antitubercular peptides and peptidomimetics: An update. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry (2016) 14(4): 1177-1187.

    De Leon-Rodriguez, L. M., Kamalov, M., Hemar, Y., Mitra, A. K., Castelletto, V., Hermida-Merino, D., Hamley, I. W. and Brimble, M. A. A peptide hydrogel derived from a fragment of human cardiac troponin C. Chemical Communications (2016) 52(21): 4056-4059.

    Ding, X. B., Brimble, M. A. and Furkert, D. P. Nitropyrrole natural products: Isolation, biosynthesis and total synthesis. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry (2016) 14(24): 5390-5401.

    Ding, X. B., Furkert, D. P. and Brimble, M. A. 2-Nitropyrrole cross-coupling enables a second generation synthesis of the heronapyrrole antibiotic natural product family. Chemical Communications (2016) 52(85): 12638-12641. [pdf]

    Donovan, K. A., Zhu, S., Liuni, P., Peng, F., Kessans, S. A., Wilson, D. J. and Dobson, R. C. J. Conformational dynamics and allostery in pyruvate kinase. Journal of Biological Chemistry (2016) 291(17): 9244-9256.

    Dunn, E. A., Cook, G. M. and Heikal, A. Annotated compound data for modulators of detergent-solubilised or lipid-reconstituted respiratory type II NADH dehydrogenase activity obtained by compound library screening. Data Brief (2016) 6: 275-278.

    Dunn, E. A., Cook, G. M. and Heikal, A. Comparison of lipid and detergent enzyme environments for identifying inhibitors of membrane-bound energy-transducing proteins. J Microbiol Methods (2016) 120: 41-43.

    Field, J. J., Kanakkanthara, A., Brooke, D. G., Sinha, S., Pillai, S. D., Denny, W. A., Butt, A. J. and Miller, J. H. Microtubule-stabilizing properties of the avocado-derived toxins (+)-(R)-persin and (+)-(R)-tetrahydropersin in cancer cells and activity of related synthetic analogs. Investigational New Drugs (2016) 34(3): 277-289.

    Fromm, P. D., Kupresanin, F., Brooks, A. E. S., Dunbar, P. R., Haniffa, M., Hart, D. N. J. and Clark, G. J. A multi-laboratory comparison of blood dendritic cell populations. Clinical & Translational Immunology (2016) 5(4): e68.

    Gingell, J., Simms, J., Barwell, J., Poyner, D. R., Watkins, H. A., Pioszak, A. A., Sexton, P. M. and Hay, D. L. An allosteric role for receptor activity-modifying proteins in defining GPCR pharmacology. Cell Discovery (2016) 2: 16012.

    Gomes, D. J., Velosa, A. P., Okuda, L. S., Fusco, F. B., da Silva, K. S., Pinto, P. R., Nakandakare, E. R., Correa-Giannella, M. L., Woods, T., Brimble, M. A., Pickford, R., Rye, K. A., Teodoro, W. R., Catanozi, S. and Passarelli, M. Glycated albumin induces lipid infiltration in mice aorta independently of DM and RAS local modulation by inducing lipid peroxidation and inflammation. Journal of Diabetes and its Complications (2016) 30(8): 1614-1621.

    Heikal, A., Hards, K., Cheung, C. Y., Menorca, A., Timmer, M. S. M., Stocker, B. L. and Cook, G. M. Activation of type II NADH dehydrogenase by Quinolinequinones mediates antitubercular cell death. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (2016) 71(10): 2840-2847.

    Hemi Cumming, A., Brown, S. L., Tao, X., Cuyamendous, C., Field, J. J., Miller, J. H., Harvey, J. E. and Teesdale-Spittle, P. H. Synthesis of a simplified triazole analogue of pateamine A. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry (2016) 14(22): 5117-5127.

    Ho, N. A. T., Dawes, S. S., Crowe, A. M., Casabon, I., Gao, C., Kendall, S. L., Baker, E. N., Eltis, L. D. and Lott, J. S. The structure of the transcriptional repressor kstr in complex with coa thioester cholesterol metabolites sheds light on the regulation of cholesterol catabolism in mycobacterium tuberculosis. Journal of Biological Chemistry (2016) 291(14): 7256-7266.

    Huttunen, K. M., Huttunen, J., Aufderhaar, I., Gynther, M., Denny, W. A. and Spicer, J. A. L-Type amino acid transporter 1 (lat1)-mediated targeted delivery of perforin inhibitors. International Journal of Pharmaceutics (2016) 498(1-2): 205-216.

    Jamieson, M. L., Hume, P. A., Furkert, D. P. and Brimble, M. A. Divergent reactivity via cobalt catalysis: An epoxide olefination. Organic Letters (2016) 18(3): 468-471.

    Jirgis, E. N. M., Bashiri, G., Bulloch, E. M. M., Johnston, J. M. and Baker, E. N. Structural views along the Mycobacterium tuberculosis MenD reaction pathway illuminate key aspects of thiamin diphosphate-dependent enzyme mechanisms. Structure (2016) 24(7): 1167-1177.

    Jones, A. M, Ferguson, P., Gardner, J., Rooker, S., Sutton, T., Ahn, A., Chatterjee, A., Bickley, V. M., Sarwar, M., Emanuel, P., Kenwright, D., Shepherd P. R., and Eccles M. R. NRAS and EPHB6 mutation rates differ in metastatic melanomas of patients in the North Island versus South Island of New Zealand. Oncotarget (2016) 7(27): 41017-41030.

    Jones, N. M., Rowe, M. R., Shepherd, P. R. and McConnell, M. J. Targeted inhibition of dominant PI3-kinase catalytic isoforms increase expression of stem cell genes in glioblastoma cancer stem cell models. International Journal of Oncology (2016) 49(1): 207-216.

    Jung, J., Bashiri, G., Johnston, J. M. and Baker, E. N. Mass spectral determination of phosphopantetheinylation specificity for carrier proteins in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. FEBS Open Bio (2016) 6(12): 1220-1226.

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    Kavianinia, I., Kunalingam, L., Harris, P. W. R., Cook, G. M. and Brimble, M. A. Total synthesis and stereochemical revision of the anti-tuberculosis peptaibol trichoderin A. Organic Letters (2016) 18(15): 3878-3881.

    Keown, J. R. and Goldstone, D. C. Crystal structure of the Trim5α Bbox2 domain from rhesus macaques describes a plastic oligomerisation interface. Journal of Structural Biology (2016) 195(3): 282-285.

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    Ladyman, S. R. and Grattan, D. R. Central effects of leptin on glucose homeostasis are modified during pregnancy in the rat. Journal of Neuroendocrinology (2016) 28(10).

    Lang, E. J. M., Heyes, L. C., Jameson, G. B. and Parker, E. J. Calculated pK<inf>a</inf> variations expose dynamic allosteric communication networks. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2016) 138(6): 2036-2045.

    Li, F. F., Atkinson, D. J., Furkert, D. P. and Brimble, M. A. A convergent synthesis of gonytolide c using an intramolecular oxa-Michael addition. European Journal of Organic Chemistry (2016) 2016(6): 1145-1155.

    Lorenz, N., Loef, E. J., Kelch, I. D., Verdon, D. J., Black, M. M., Middleditch, M. J., Greenwood, D. R., Graham, E. S., Brooks, A. E. S., Dunbar, P. R. and Birch, N. P. Plasmin and regulators of plasmin activity control the migratory capacity and adhesion of human T cells and dendritic cells by regulating cleavage of the chemokine CCL21. Immunology and Cell Biology (2016) 94(10): 955-963. [pdf]

    Macdonald, J. R., Huang, A. D. and Loomes, K. M. Cellular degradation of 4-hydroxy-2-oxoglutarate aldolase leads to absolute deficiency in primary hyperoxaluria type 3. FEBS Letters (2016) 590(10): 1467-1476.

    McEwen, H. J. L., Inglis, M. A., Quennell, J. H., Grattan, D. R. and Anderson, G. M. Deletion of suppressor of cytokine signaling 3 from forebrain neurons delays infertility and onset of hypothalamic leptin resistance in response to a high caloric diet. Journal of Neuroscience (2016) 36(27): 7142-7153.

    Medini, K., Harris, P. W. R., Menorca, A., Hards, K., Cook, G. M. and Brimble, M. A. Synthesis and activity of a diselenide bond mimetic of the antimicrobial protein caenopore-5. Chemical Science (2016) 7(3): 2005-2010.

    Mowday, A. M., Ashoorzadeh, A., Williams, E. M., Copp, J. N., Silva, S., Bull, M. R., Abbattista, M. R., Anderson, R. F., Flanagan, J. U., Guise, C. P., Ackerley, D. F., Smaill, J. B. and Patterson, A. V. Rational design of an AKR1C3-resistant analog of PR-104 for enzyme-prodrug therapy. Biochemical Pharmacology (2016) 116: 176-187.

    Mowday, A. M., Guise, C. P., Ackerley, D. F., Minton, N. P., Lambin, P., Dubois, L. J., Theys, J., Smaill, J. B. and Patterson, A. V. Advancing clostridia to clinical trial: Past lessons and recent progress. Cancers (2016) 8(7).

    Naylor, R. W., McGhee, C. N. J., Cowan, C. A., Davidson, A. J., Holm, T. M. and Sherwin, T. Derivation of corneal keratocyte-like cells from human induced pluripotent stem cells. PLoS ONE (2016) 11(10): e0165464.

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    Roth, I., Campbell, H., Rubio, C., Vennin, C., Wilson, M., Wiles, A., Williams, G., Woolley, A., Timpson, P., Berridge, M. V., Fleming, N., Baird, M. and Braithwaite, A. W. The Δ133p53 isoform and its mouse analogue Δ122p53 promote invasion and metastasis involving pro-inflammatory molecules interleukin-6 and CCL2. Oncogene (2016) 35(38): 4981-4989. [pdf]

    Safaei, S., Bradley, C. P., Suresh, V., Mithraratne, K., Muller, A., Ho, H., Ladd, D., Hellevik, L. R., Omholt, S. W., Chase, J. G., Müller, L. O., Watanabe, S. M., Blanco, P. J., de Bono, B. and Hunter, P. J. Roadmap for cardiovascular circulation model. Journal of Physiology (2016) 594(23): 6909-6928.

    Sheppard, H. M., Feisst, V., Chen, J., Print, C. and Dunbar, P. R. AHNAK is downregulated in melanoma, predicts poor outcome, and may be required for the expression of functional cadherin-1. Melanoma Research (2016) 26(2): 108-116.

    Slatter, T. L., Wilson, M., Tang, C., Campbell, H. G., Ward, V. K., Young, V. L., Van Ly, D., Fleming, N. I., Braithwaite, A. W. and Baird, M. A. Antitumor cytotoxicity induced by bone-marrow-derived antigen-presenting cells is facilitated by the tumor suppressor protein p53 via regulation of IL-12. OncoImmunology (2016) 5(3).

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    Son, S. J., Harris, P. W. R., Squire, C. J., Baker, E. N. and Brimble, M. A. Synthesis and structural insight into ESX-1 Substrate Protein C, an immunodominant Mycobacterium tuberculosis-secreted antigen. Biopolymers (2016): 267-274.

    Sorrenson, B., Cognard, E., Lee, K. L., Dissanayake, W. C., Fu, Y., Han, W., Hughes, W. E. and Shepherd, P. R. A critical role for β-catenin in modulating levels of insulin secretion from β-cells by regulating actin cytoskeleton and insulin vesicle localization. Journal of Biological Chemistry (2016) 291(50): 25888-25900.

    Sun, W., Lai, Y., Li, H., Nie, T., Kuang, Y., Tang, X., Li, K., Dunbar, P. R., Xu, A., Li, P. and Wu, D. High level expression and purification of active recombinant human interleukin-15 in Pichia pastoris. Journal of Immunological Methods (2016) 428: 50-57.

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    Tun, T., Nyunt, W. W., Latt, K. Z., Samaranayaka, A., Crump, J. A., Thinn, K. K., Cook, G. M. and Aung, H. L. Drug-resistant tuberculosis among previously treated patients in Yangon, Myanmar. International Journal of Mycobacteriol (2016) 5(3): 366-367.

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    Wood, J. M., Furkert, D. P. and Brimble, M. A. Synthesis of the 2-formylpyrrole spiroketal pollenopyrroside A and structural elucidation of xylapyrroside A, shensongine A and capparisine B. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry (2016) 14(32): 7659-7664. [pdf]

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