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Scientific Publications

Every year Maurice Wilkins Centre investigators produce a large number of peer-reviewed scientific papers and reviews published in international journals. Research directly supported by the Maurice Wilkins Centre generated the following scientific papers.


    Ahmed, F. H., Carr, P. D., Lee, B. M., Afriat-Jurnou, L., Mohamed, A. E., Hong, N. S., Flanagan, J., Taylor, M. C., Greening, C., & Jackson, C. J. Sequence-structure-function classification of a catalytically diverse oxidoreductase superfamily in mycobacteria. Journal of Molecular Biology (2015) 427(22): 3554-3571. [pdf]

    Anderson, R. J., Compton, B. J., Tang, C. W., Authier-Hall, A., Hayman, C. M., Swinerd, G. W., Kowalczyk, R., Harris, P., Brimble, M. A., Larsen, D. S., Gasser, O., Weinkove, R., Hermans, I. F., & Painter, G. F. NKT cell-dependent glycolipid-peptide vaccines with potent anti-tumour activity. Chemical Science (2015) 6(9): 5120-5127.

    Andrews, E. S. V., & Arcus, V. L. The mycobacterial PhoH2 proteins are type II toxin antitoxins coupled to RNA helicase domains. Tuberculosis (2015) 95(4): 385-394.

    Atkinson, D. J., & Brimble, M. A. Isolation, biological activity, biosynthesis and synthetic studies towards the rubromycin family of natural products. Natural Product Reports (2015) 32(6): 811-840. [pdf]

    Aung, H. L., Dey, D., Janssen, P. H., Ronimus, R. S., & Cook, G. M. A high-throughput screening assay for identification of inhibitors of the A1AO-ATP synthase of the rumen methanogen Methanobrevibacter ruminantium M1. Journal of Microbiological Methods (2015) 110: 15-17. [pdf]

    Aung, H. L., Dixon, L. L., Smith, L. J., Sweeney, N. P., Robson, J. R., Berney, M., Buxton, R. S., Green, J., & Cook, G. M. Novel regulatory roles of cAMP receptor proteins in fast-growing environmental mycobacteria. Microbiology (United Kingdom) (2015) 161(3): 648-661.

    Bashiri, G., & Baker, E. N. Production of recombinant proteins in Mycobacterium smegmatis for structural and functional studies. Protein Science (2015) 24(1): 1-10.

    Bashiri, G., Johnston, J. M., Evans, G. L., Bulloch, E. M. M., Goldstone, D. C., Jirgis, E. N. M., Kleinboelting, S., Castell, A., Ramsay, R. J., Manos-Turvey, A., Payne, R. J., Lott, J. S., & Baker, E. N. Structure and inhibition of subunit I of the anthranilate synthase complex of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and expression of the active complex. Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography (2015) 71: 2297-2308. [pdf]

    Blackmore, N. J., Nazmi, A. R., Hutton, R. D., Webby, M. N., Baker, E. N., Jameson, G. B., & Parker, E. J. Complex formation between two biosynthetic enzymes modifies the allosteric regulatory properties of both: An example of molecular symbiosis. Journal of Biological Chemistry (2015) 290(29): 18187-18198.

    Blenkiron, C., Tsai, P., Brown, L. A., Tintinger, V., Askelund, K. J., Windsor, J. A., & Phillips, A. R. Characterisation of the small RNAs in the biomedically important green-bottle blowfly Lucilia sericata. PLoS ONE (2015) 10(3).

    Booe, J. M., Walker, C. S., Barwell, J., Kuteyi, G., Simms, J., Jamaluddin, M. A., Warner, M. L., Bill, R. M., Harris, P. W., Brimble, M. A., Poyner, D. R., Hay, D. L., & Pioszak, A. A. Structural basis for receptor activity-nodifying protein-dependent selective peptide recognition by a G protein-coupled receptor. Molecular Cell (2015) 58(6): 1040-1052.

    Brimble, M. A., Edwards, P. J., Harris, P. W. R., Norris, G. E., Patchett, M. L., Wright, T. H., Yang, S. H., & Carley, S. E. Synthesis of the antimicrobial S-Linked glycopeptide, glycocin F. Chemistry - A European Journal (2015) 21(9): 3556-3561.

    Brings, S., Zhang, S., Choong, Y. S., Hogl, S., Middleditch, M., Kamalov, M., Brimble, M. A., Gong, D., & Cooper, G. J. S. Diabetes-induced alterations in tissue collagen and carboxymethyllysine in rat kidneys: Association with increased collagen-degrading proteinases and amelioration by Cu(II)-selective chelation. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular Basis of Disease (2015) 1852(8): 1610-1618.

    Bull, M. R., Spicer, J. A., Huttunen, K. M., Denny, W. A., Ciccone, A., Browne, K. A., Trapani, J. A., & Helsby, N. A. The preclinical pharmacokinetic disposition of a series of perforin-inhibitors as potential immunosuppressive agents. European Journal of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (2015) 40(4): 417-425. [pdf]

    Bunker, R. D., Mandal, K., Bashiri, G., Chaston, J. J., Pentelute, B. L., Lott, J. S., Kent, S. B. H., Baker, E. N., & Petsko, G. A. A functional role of Rv1738 in Mycobacterium tuberculosis persistence suggested by racemic protein crystallography. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2015) 112(14): 4310-4315.

    Campen, R. L., Ackerley, D. F., Cook, G. M., & O'Toole, R. F. Development of a Mycobacterium smegmatis transposon mutant array for characterising the mechanism of action of tuberculosis drugs: Findings with isoniazid and its structural analogues. Tuberculosis (2015) 95(4): 432-439.

    Chai, A. F., Bulloch, E. M. M., Evans, G. L., Lott, J. S., Baker, E. N., & Johnston, J. M. A covalent adduct of MbtN, an acyl-ACP dehydrogenase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis, reveals an unusual acyl-binding pocket. Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography (2015) 71: 862-872. [pdf]

    Chan, S., Han, K., Qu, R., Tong, L., Li, Y., Zhang, Z., Cheng, H., Lu, X., Patterson, A., Smaill, J., Ren, X., Ding, J., Xie, H., & Ding, K. 2,4-Diarylamino-pyrimidines as kinase inhibitors co-targeting IGF1R and EGFRL858R/T790M. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters (2015) 25(19): 4277-4281.

    Cheung, C. C. H., Soon, C. Y., Chuang, C.-L., Phillips, A. R. J., Zhang, S. and Cooper, G. J. S. Low-dose copper infusion into the coronary circulation induces acute heart failure in diabetic rats: New mechanism of heart disease. Biochemical Pharmacology (2015) 97(1): 62-76.

    Chowdhury, M. K. H., Montgomery, M. K., Morris, M. J., Cognard, E., Shepherd, P. R., & Smith, G. C. Glucagon phosphorylates serine 552 of β-catenin leading to increased expression of cyclin D1 and c-Myc in the isolated rat liver. Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry (2015) 121(3): 88-96. [pdf]

    Chu, M. J. J., Vather, R., Hickey, A. J. R., Phillips, A. R. J., & Bartlett, A. S. J. R. Impact of ischaemic preconditioning on experimental steatotic livers following hepatic ischaemia-reperfusion injury: A systematic review. HPB (2015) 17(1): 1-10.

    Chua, E. W., Cree, S., Barclay, M. L., Doudney, K., Lehnert, K., Aitchison, A., & Kennedy, M. A. Exome sequencing and array-based comparative genomic hybridisation analysis of preferential 6-methylmercaptopurine producers. Pharmacogenomics Journal (2015) 15(5): 414-421. [pdf]

    Cookson, T. V. M., Evans, G. L., Castell, A., Baker, E. N., Lott, J. S., & Parker, E. J. Structures of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Anthranilate Phosphoribosyltransferase Variants Reveal the Conformational Changes That Facilitate Delivery of the Substrate to the Active Site. Biochemistry (2015) 54(39): 6082-6092.

    Cooling, M. T., & Yu, T. (2015) Distributed model construction with virtual parts. Vol. 1244. Methods in Molecular Biology (pp. 301-322): Humana Press Inc. [pdf]

    Cursons, J., Angel, C. E., Hurley, D. G., Print, C. G., Dunbar, P. R., Jacobs, M. D., & Crampin, E. J. Spatially transformed fluorescence image data for ERK-MAPK and selected proteins within human epidermis. GigaScience (2015) 4(1): 1-6.

    Cursons, J., Gao, J., Hurley, D. G., Print, C. G., Dunbar, P. R., Jacobs, M. D., & Crampin, E. J. Regulation of ERK-MAPK signaling in human epidermis. BMC Systems Biology (2015) 9(1).

    De Bono, B., Safaei, S., Grenon, P., Nickerson, D. P., Alexander, S., Helvensteijn, M., Kok, J. N., Kokash, N., Wu, A., Yu, T., Hunter, P., & Baldock, R. A. The open physiology workflow: Modeling processes over physiology circuitboards of interoperable tissue units. Frontiers in Physiology (2015) 6(FEB).

    De Leon Rodriguez, L. M., Weidkamp, A. J., & Brimble, M. A. An update on new methods to synthesize cyclotetrapeptides. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry (2015) 13(25): 6906-6921. [pdf]

    Grattan, D. R. The hypothalamo-prolactin axis. Journal of Endocrinology (2015) 226(2): T101-T122.

    Guan, J., Harris, P., Brimble, M., Lei, Y., Lu, J., Yang, Y., & Gunn, A. J. The role for IGF-1-derived small neuropeptides as a therapeutic target for neurological disorders. Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets (2015) 19(6): 785-793.

    Hampe, L., Radjainia, M., Xu, C., Harris, P. W. R., Bashiri, G., Goldstone, D. C., Brimble, M. A., Wang, Y., & Mitra, A. K. Regulation and quality control of adiponectin assembly by endoplasmic reticulum chaperone ERp44. Journal of Biological Chemistry (2015) 290(29): 18111-18123.

    Hand, L. E., Usan, P., Cooper, G. J. S., Xu, L. Y., Ammori, B., Cunningham, P. S., Aghamohammadzadeh, R., Soran, H., Greenstein, A., Loudon, A. S. I., Bechtold, D. A., & Ray, D. W. Adiponectin induces A20 expression in adipose tissue to confer metabolic benefit. Diabetes (2015) 64(1): 128-136.

    Hards, K., Robson, J. R., Berney, M., Shaw, L., Bald, D., Koul, A., Andries, K., & Cook, G. M. Bactericidal mode of action of bedaquiline. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (2015) 70(7): 2028-2037.

    Harris, P. W. R., & Brimble, M. A. Chemical synthesis of a polypeptide backbone derived from the primary sequence of the cancer protein NY-ESO-1 enabled by kinetically controlled ligation and pseudoprolines. Peptide Science (2015) 104(2): 116-127.

    Harris, P. W. R., Squire, C., Young, P. G., & Brimble, M. A. Chemical synthesis of γ-secretase activating protein using pseudo-glutamines as ligation sites. Biopolymers - Peptide Science Section (2015) 104(1): 37-45.

    Hassan, N. P. S., Naysmith, B. J., Sperry, J., & Brimble, M. A. Formal synthesis of nanaomycin D via a Hauser-Kraus annulation using a chiral enone-lactone. Tetrahedron (2015) 71(39): 7137-7143.

    Hubert, J. G., Furkert, D. P., & Brimble, M. A. Preparation of cis-γ-hydroxycarvone derivatives for synthesis of sesterterpenoid natural products: Total synthesis of phorbin A. Journal of Organic Chemistry (2015a) 80(4): 2231-2239.

    Hubert, J. G., Furkert, D. P., & Brimble, M. A. Synthesis of the spirocyclic framework of sesterterpenoid natural products. Journal of Organic Chemistry (2015b) 80(5): 2715-2723.

    Hunn, M. K., Bauer, E., Wood, C. E., Gasser, O., Dzhelali, M., Ancelet, L. R., Mester, B., Sharples, K.J., Findlay, M.P., Hamilton, D.A. & Hermans, I. F. Dendritic cell vaccination combined with temozolomide retreatment: Results of a phase I trial in patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme. Journal of Neuro-Oncology (2015) 121(2): 319-329. [pdf]

    Hussan, J.R., Hunter, P.J., Gladding, P.A., Greenberg, N., Christie, R., Wu, A., Sorby, H., Thomas, J.D. ICMA: An integrated cardiac modeling and analysis platform. Bioinformatics (2015) 31(8): 1331-1333.

    Kamalov, M., Harris, P. W. R., Hartinger, C. G., Miskelly, G. M., Cooper, G. J. S., & Brimble, M. A. Physicochemical studies on the copper(ii) binding by glycated collagen telopeptides. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry (2015) 13(10): 3058-3063. [pdf]

    Kamalov, M., Harris, P. W. R., Wood, J. M., & Brimble, M. A. On resin synthesis and cross-linking of collagen peptides containing the advanced glycation end-product pyrraline via Maillard condensation. Chemical Communications (2015) 51(46): 9475-9478. [pdf]

    Kamato, D., Thach, L., Bernard, R., Chan, V., Zheng, W., Kaur, H., Brimble, M., Osman, N., & Little, P. J. Structure, Function, Pharmacology, and Therapeutic Potential of the G Protein, Galpha/q,11. Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine (2015) 2:14.

    Kaur, H., Harris, P. W. R., Little, P. J., & Brimble, M. A. Total synthesis of the cyclic depsipeptide YM-280193, a platelet aggregation inhibitor. Organic Letters (2015) 17(3): 492-495.

    Kay, E. I., Botha, R., Montgomery, J. M., & Mountjoy, K. G. HMRAPα, but not hMRAP2, enhances hMC4R constitutive activity in HEK293 cells and this is not dependent on hMRAPα induced changes in hMC4R complex N-linked glycosylation. PLoS ONE (2015) 10(10).

    Kelch, I. D., Bogle, G., Sands, G. B., Phillips, A. R. J., LeGrice, I. J. and Dunbar, P. R. Corrigendum: Organ-wide 3D-imaging and topological analysis of the continuous microvascular network in a murine lymph node. Scientific Reports (2015) 5: 16534.

    Ko, K. Y., Wagner, S., Yang, S. H., Furkert, D. P., & Brimble, M. A. Improved Synthesis of the Unnatural Amino Acids AHMOD and AMD, Components of the Anticancer Peptaibol Culicinin D. Journal of Organic Chemistry (2015) 80(17): 8631-8636.

    Lagautriere, T., Bashiri, G., & Baker, E. N. Use of a "silver bullet" to resolve crystal lattice dislocation disorder: A cobalamin complex of δ1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate dehydrogenase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Journal of Structural Biology (2015) 189(2): 153-157.

    Lee, K. L., Middleditch, M. J., Williams, G. M., Brimble, M. A., & Cooper, G. J. S. Using mass spectrometry to detect, differentiate, and semiquantitate closely related peptide hormones in complex milieu: Measurement of IGF-II and vesiculin. Endocrinology (2015) 156(3): 1194-1199.

    Li, Y., Cheng, H., Zhang, Z., Zhuang, X., Luo, J., Long, H., Zhou, Y., Xu, Y., Taghipouran, R., Li, D., Patterson, A., Smaill, J., Tu, Z., Wu, D., Ren, X., & Ding, K. N-(3-ethynyl-2,4-difluorophenyl)sulfonamide derivatives as selective Raf inhibitors. ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters (2015) 6(5): 543-547.

    Lorenz, N., Loef, E. J., Verdon, D. J., Chen, C. J. J., Mansell, C. J., Angel, C. E., Brooks, A. E. S., Dunbar, P. R., & Birch, N. P. Human T cell activation induces synaptic translocation and alters expression of the serine protease inhibitor neuroserpin and its target protease. Journal of Leukocyte Biology (2015) 97(4): 699-710.

    Lu, P., Heineke, M. H., Koul, A., Andries, K., Cook, G. M., Lill, H., Van Spanning, R., & Bald, D. The cytochrome bd-type quinol oxidase is important for survival of Mycobacterium smegmatis under peroxide and antibiotic-induced stress. Scientific Reports (2015) 5.

    Mainini, F., Larsen, D. S., Webster, G. A., Young, S. L., & Eccles, M. R. Bridging small molecules to modified bacterial microparticles using a disulphide linkage: MIS416 as a cargo delivery system. PLoS ONE (2015) 10(12).

    Marshall, A. J., Lill, C. L., Chao, M., Kolekar, S. V., Lee, W. J., Marshall, E. S., Baguley, B. C., Shepherd, P. R., Denny, W. A., Flanagan, J. U., & Rewcastle, G. W. Exploring the isoform selectivity of TGX-221 related pyrido[1,2-a]pyrimidinone-based Class IA PI 3-kinase inhibitors: Synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular modelling. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry (2015) 23(13): 3796-3808.

    McIntosh, J. D., Brimble, M. A., Brooks, A. E. S., Dunbar, P. R., Kowalczyk, R., Tomabechi, Y., & Fairbanks, A. J. Convergent chemo-enzymatic synthesis of mannosylated glycopeptides; targeting of putative vaccine candidates to antigen presenting cells. Chemical Science (2015) 6(8): 4636-4642.

    Medini, K., Harris, P. W. R., Hards, K., Dingley, A. J., Cook, G. M., & Brimble, M. A. Chemical synthesis of a pore-forming antimicrobial protein, caenopore-5, by using native chemical ligation at a Glu-Cys site. ChemBioChem (2015) 16(2): 328-336.

    Murphy, R., Jiang, Y., Booth, M., Babor, R., Maccormick, A., Hammodat, H., Beban, G., Barnes, R. M., & Vincent, A. L. Progression of diabetic retinopathy after bariatric surgery. Diabetic Medicine (2015) 32(9): 1212-1220.

    Musson, D. S., Naot, D., Chhana, A., Matthews, B. G., McIntosh, J. D., Lin, S. T. C., Choi, A. J., Callon, K. E., Dunbar, P. R., Lesage, S., Coleman, B., & Cornish, J. In vitro evaluation of a novel non-mulberry silk scaffold for use in tendon regeneration. Tissue Engineering - Part A (2015) 21(9-10): 1539-1551.

    Neumann, S., Young, K., Compton, B., Anderson, R., Painter, G., & Hook, S. Synthetic TRP2 long-peptide and α-galactosylceramide formulated into cationic liposomes elicit CD8+ T-cell responses and prevent tumour progression. Vaccine (2015) 33(43): 5838-5844.

    Newman, T. A. C., Carleton, C. R., Leeke, B., Hampton, M. B., & Horsfield, J. A. Embryonic oxidative stress results in reproductive impairment for adult zebrafish. Redox Biology (2015) 6: 648-655.

    Newton, M. S., Arcus, V. L., & Patrick, W. M. Rapid bursts and slow declines: On the possible evolutionary trajectories of enzymes. Journal of the Royal Society Interface (2015) 12(107).

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    Papst, S., Brimble, M. A., Evans, C. W., Verdon, D. J., Feisst, V., Dunbar, P. R., Tilley, R. D., & Williams, D. E. Cell-targeted platinum nanoparticles and nanoparticle clusters. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry (2015) 13(23): 6567-6572. [pdf]

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    Poral, V. L., Furkert, D. P., & Brimble, M. A. Total synthesis and structural confirmation of the antimalarial naphthopyrone lasionectrin. Organic Letters (2015) 17(24): 6214-6217.

    Radcliff, F. J., Fraser, J. D., & Proft, T. Vaccination with Streptococcus pyogenes nuclease A stimulates a high antibody response but no protective immunity in a mouse model of infection. Medical Microbiology and Immunology (2015) 204(2): 185-191. [pdf]

    Sawhney, S., Hood, K., Shaw, A., Braithwaite, A. W., Stubbs, R., Hung, N. A., Royds, J. A., & Slatter, T. L. Alpha-enolase is upregulated on the cell surface and responds to plasminogen activation in mice expressing a Δ133p53α mimic. PLoS ONE (2015) 10(2).

    Sparrow, K. J., Carley, S., Söhnel, T., Barker, D., & Brimble, M. A. Studies towards development of asymmetric double-Mannich reactions of chiral 2-oxocyclohexanecarboxylate derivatives with bis(aminol)ethers. Tetrahedron (2015) 71(15): 2210-2221.

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    Stubbing, L. A., Lott, J. S., Dawes, S. S., Furkert, D. P., & Brimble, M. A. Synthesis of DOHNAA, a Mycobacterium tuberculosis cholesterol CD ring catabolite and FadD3 substrate. European Journal of Organic Chemistry (2015) 2015(27): 6075-6083.

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    Yosaatmadja, Y., Patterson, A. V., Smaill, J. B., & Squire, C. J. The 1.65 Å resolution structure of the complex of AZD4547 with the kinase domain of FGFR1 displays exquisite molecular recognition. Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography (2015) 71: 525-533. [pdf]

    Yosaatmadja, Y., Silva, S., Dickson, J. M., Patterson, A. V., Smaill, J. B., Flanagan, J. U., McKeage, M. J., & Squire, C. J. Binding mode of the breakthrough inhibitor AZD9291 to epidermal growth factor receptor revealed. Journal of Structural Biology (2015) 192(3): 539-544.

    Zhang, L., Li, M. M., Corcoran, M., Zhang, S., & Cooper, G. J. S. Essential roles of insulin, AMPK signaling and lysyl and prolyl hydroxylases in the biosynthesis and multimerization of adiponectin. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology (2015) 399: 164-177. [pdf]