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Scientific Publications

Every year Maurice Wilkins Centre investigators produce a large number of peer-reviewed scientific papers and reviews published in international journals. Research directly supported by the Maurice Wilkins Centre generated the following scientific papers.


    Affara, M., Dunmore, B. J., Sanders, D. A., Johnson, N., Print, C. G., & Charnock- Jones, D. S. MMP1 bimodal expression and differential response to inflammatory mediators is linked to promoter polymorphisms. BMC Genomics (2011) 12:43.

    Allison, T. M., Hutton, R. D., Cochrane, F. C., Yeoman, J. A., Jameson, G. B., & Parker, E. J. Targeting the role of a key conserved motif for substrate selection and catalysis by 3-Deoxy-D-Manno-octulosonate 8-Phosphate synthase. Biochemistry (2011) 50(18): 3686-3695.

    Allison, T. M., Hutton, R. D., Jiao, W., Gloyne, B. J., Nimmo, E. B., Jameson, G. B., & Parker, E. J. An extended beta7alpha7 substrate-binding loop is essential for efficient catalysis by 3-deoxy-d-Manno-octulosonate 8-Phosphate synthase. Biochemistry (2011) 50(43): 9318-9327.

    Archbold, J. K., Flanagan, J. U., Watkins, H. A., Gingell, J. J., & Hay, D. L. Structural insights into RAMP modification of secretin family G protein-coupled receptors: Implications for drug development. Trends in Pharmacological Sciences (2011) 32(10): 591-600.

    Arcus, V. L., McKenzie, J. L., Robson, J., & Cook, G. M. The PIN-domain ribonucleases and the prokaryotic VapBC toxin-antitoxin array. Protein Engineering, Design and Selection (2011) 24(1-2): 33-40.

    Atkinson, D. J., Sperry, J., & Brimble, M. A. Synthesis of benzotriazole analogues of the helicobactericidal agents CJ-13,015, CJ-13,102, CJ-13,108, and CJ-13,104 using a regioselective 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition. Synlett (2011) 1: 99-103.

    Benson, M. A., Lilo, S., Wasserman, G. A., Thoendel, M., Smith, A., Horswill, A. R., Fraser, J., Novick, R. P., Shopsin, B., & Torres, V. J. Staphylococcus aureus regulates the expression and production of the staphylococcal superantigen-like secreted proteins in a Rot-dependent manner. Molecular Microbiology (2011) 81(3): 659-675.

    Best, N., Fraser, J. D., Rainey, P. B., Roberts, S. A., Thomas, M. G., & Ritchie, S. R. Nasal carriage of Staphylococcus aureus in healthy Aucklanders. New Zealand Medical Journal (2011) 124(1332): 30-39.

    Bircham, P. W., Maass, D. R., Roberts, C. A., Kiew, P. Y., Low, Y. S., Yegambaram, M., Matthews, J., Jack, C. A., & Atkinson, P. H. Secretory pathway genes assessed by high-throughput microscopy and synthetic genetic array analysis. Molecular BioSystems (2011) 7(9): 2589-2598.[pdf]

    Bonnet, M., Flanagan, J. U., Chan, D. A., Lai, E. W., Nguyen, P., Giaccia, A. J., & Hay, M. P. SAR studies of 4-pyridyl heterocyclic anilines that selectively induce autophagic cell death in von Hippel-Lindau-deficient renal cell carcinoma cells. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry (2011) 19(11): 3347-3356.

    Bradley, C., Bowery, A., Britten, R., Budelmann, V., Camara, O., Christie, R., Cookson, A., Frangi, A. F., Gamage, T. B., Heidlauf, T., Krittian, S., Ladd, D., Little, C., Mithraratne, K., Nash, M., Nickerson, D., Nielsen, P., Nordbo, O., Omholt, S., Pashaei, A., Paterson, D., Rajagopal, V., Reeve, A., Rohrle, O., Safaei, S., Sebastian, R., Steghofer, M., Wu, T., Yu, T., Zhang, H. Y., & Hunter, P. OpenCMISS: A multi-physics & multi-scale computational infrastructure for the VPH/Physiome project. Progress in Biophysics & Molecular Biology (2011) 107(1): 32-47. [pdf]

    Brimble, M. A., Finch, O. C., Heapy, A. M., Fraser, J. D., Furkert, D. P., & O’Connor, P. D. A convergent synthesis of the [4.4]-Spiroacetal-gamma-lactones cephalosporolides E and F. Tetrahedron (2011) 67(5): 995-1001.

    Broadley, K., Larsen, L., Herst, P. M., Smith, R. A. J., Berridge, M. V., & McConnell, M. J. The novel phloroglucinol PMT7 kills glycolytic cancer cells by blocking autophagy and sensitizing to nutrient stress. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry (2011) 112(7): 1869-1879.

    Broadley, K. W. R., Hunn, M. K., Farrand, K. J., Price, K. M., Grasso, C., Miller, R. J., Hermans, I. F., & McConnell, M. J. Side population is not necessary or sufficient for a cancer stem cell phenotype in glioblastoma multiforme. Stem Cells (2011) 29(3): 452-461.

    Chan, D. A., Sutphin, P. D., Nguyen, P., Turcotte, S., Lai, E. W., Banh, A., Reynolds, G. E., Chi, J. T., Wu, J., Solow-Cordero, D. E., Bonnet, M., Flanagan, J. U., Bouley, D. M., Graves, E. E., Denny, W. A., Hay, M. P., & Giaccia, A. J. Targeting GLUT1 and the Warburg effect in renal cell carcinoma by chemical synthetic lethality. Science Translational Medicine (2011) 3(94): 94ra70.

    Chang, A., Khemlani, A., Kang, H., & Proft, T. Functional analysis of Streptococcus pyogenes nuclease A (SpnA), a novel group A streptococcal virulence factor. Molecular Microbiology (2011) 79(6): 1629-1642.

    Chen, J. L. Y., & Brimble, M. A. Synthesis of the bis-spiroacetal core of the antimitotic agent spirastrellolide B. Journal of Organic Chemistry (2011) 76(22): 9417-9428.

    Chen, J. L. Y., Sperry, J., Ip, N. Y., & Brimble, M. A. Natural products targeting telomere maintenance. MedChemComm (2011) 2(4): 229-245.

    Cheng, J. M. H., Chee, S. H., Knight, D. A., Acha-Orbea, H., Hermans, I. F., Timmer, M. S. M., & Stocker, B. L. An improved synthesis of dansylated alpha-galactosylceramide and its use as a fluorescent probe for the monitoring of glycolipid uptake by cells. Carbohydrate Research (2011) 346(7): 914-926.

    Chim, N., Habel, J. E., Johnston, J. M., Krieger, I., Miallau, L., Sankaranarayanan, R., Morse, R. P., Bruning, J., Swanson, S., Kim, H., Kim, C. Y., Li, H., Bulloch, E. M., Payne, R. J., Manos-Turvey, A., Hung, L. W., Baker, E. N., Lott, J. S., James, M. N. G., Terwilliger, T. C., Eisenberg, D. S., Sacchettini, J. C., & Goulding, C. W. The TB Structural Genomics Consortium: A decade of progress. Tuberculosis (2011) 91(2): 155-172.

    Cooper, G. J. S. Therapeutic potential of copper chelation with triethylenetetramine in managing diabetes mellitus and Alzheimer’s disease. Drugs (2011) 71(10): 1281- 1320. [pdf]

    Costa, J. L., Smith, G., Watson, M., Lin, J. M., Callon, K., Gamble, G., Cheng, A., Vickers, M. H., Shepherd, P. R., Cornish, J., & Grey, A. The atypical anti-psychotic clozapine decreases bone mass in rats in vivo. Schizophrenia Research (2011) 126(1-3): 291-297.

    Cross, P. J., Dobson, R. C. J., Patchett, M. L., & Parker, E. J. Tyrosine latching of a regulatory gate affords allosteric control of aromatic amino acid biosynthesis. Journal of Biological Chemistry (2011) 286(12): 10216-10224.

    Didsbury, A., Wang, C., Verdon, D., Sewell, M., McIntosh, J., & Taylor, J. Rotavirus NSP4 is secreted from infected cells as an oligomeric lipoprotein and binds to glycosaminoglycans on the surface of non-infected cells. Virology Journal (2011) 8(1): 551.

    Dogra, M., Palmer, B. D., Bashiri, G., Tingle, M. D., Shinde, S. S., Anderson, R. F., O’Toole, R., Baker, E. N., Denny, W. A., & Helsby, N. A. Comparative bioactivation of the novel anti-tuberculosis agent PA-824 in Mycobacteria and a subcellular fraction of human liver. British Journal of Pharmacology (2011) 162(1): 226-236.

    Flanagan, J. U., & Smythe, M. L. Sigma-class glutathione transferases. Drug Metabolism Reviews (2011) 43(2): 194-214.

    Fraser, J. D. Clarifying the mechanism of superantigen toxicity. PLoS Biology (2011) 9(9): e1001145.

    Girvan, R. C., Knight, D. A., O’Loughlin, C. J., Hayman, C. M., Hermans, I. F., & Webster, G. A. MIS416, a non-toxic microparticle adjuvant derived from Propionibacterium acnes comprising immunostimulatory muramyl dipeptide and bacterial DNA promotes cross-priming and Th1 immunity. Vaccine (2011) 29(3): 545-557. [pdf]

    Guéret, S. M., & Brimble, M. A. Synthetic studies toward the spiroimine unit of the spirolides. Pure and Applied Chemistry (2011) 83(3): 425-433.

    Hagbom, M., Istrate, C., Engblom, D., Karlsson, T., Rodriguez-Diaz, J., Buesa, J., Taylor, J. A., Loitto, V. M., Magnusson, K. E., Ahlman, H., Lundgren, O., & Svensson, L. Rotavirus stimulates release of serotonin (5-HT) from human enterochromaffin cells and activates brain structures involved in nausea and vomiting. PLoS Pathogens (2011) 7(7): e1002115.

    Harris, P. W. R., Yang, S. H., & Brimble, M. A. An improved procedure for the preparation of aminomethyl polystyrene resin and its use in solid phase (peptide) synthesis. Tetrahedron Letters (2011) 52(45): 6024-6026.

    Hay, D. L., Walker, C. S., & Poyner, D. R. Adrenomedullin and calcitonin gene-related peptide receptors in endocrine-related cancers: Opportunities and challenges. Endocrine-Related Cancer (2011) 18(1): C1-C14.

    Ho, H., Suresh, V., Kang, W., Cooling, M. T., Watton, P. N., & Hunter, P. J. Multiscale modeling of intracranial aneurysms: Cell signaling, hemodynamics, and remodeling. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering (2011) 58(10 PART 2): 2974-2977.

    Hume, P. A., Sperry, J., & Brimble, M. A. Enantioselective synthesis of pyranonaphthoquinone antibiotics using a CBS reduction/cross-metathesis/oxa- Michael strategy. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry (2011) 9(15): 5423-5430. [pdf]

    Hung, K. Y., Harris, P. W. R., Heapy, A. M., & Brimble, M. A. Synthesis and assignment of stereochemistry of the antibacterial cyclic peptide xenematide. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry (2011) 9(1): 236-242.

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    Jamieson, S., Flanagan, J. U., Kolekar, S., Buchanan, C., Kendall, J. D., Lee, W. J., Rewcastle, G. W., Denny, W. A., Singh, R., Dickson, J., Baguley, B. C., & Shepherd, P. R. A drug targeting only p110 alpha can block phosphoinositide 3-kinase signalling and tumour growth in certain cell types. Biochemical Journal (2011) 438: 53-62.

    Jullig, M., Browett, P., Middleditch, M. M. J., Prijic, G., Kilfoyle, D., Angelo, N., & Cooper, G. J. S. A unique case of neural amyloidoma diagnosed by mass spectrometry of formalin-fixed tissue using a novel preparative technique. Amyloid (2011) 18(3): 147-155.

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    Kang, H. J., Coulibaly, F., Proft, T., & Baker, E. N. Crystal structure of spy0129, a Streptococcus pyogenes class B sortase involved in pilus assembly. PLoS ONE (2011) 6(1): e15969.

    Kaur, H., Heapy, A. M., & Brimble, M. A. The synthesis of dehydrotryptophan and dehydrotryptophan-containing peptides. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry (2011) 9(17): 5897-5907. [pdf]

    Le Nours, J., Bulloch, E. M. M., Zhang, Z., Greenwood, D. R., Middleditch, M. J., Dickson, J. M. J., & Baker, E. N. Structural analyses of a purine biosynthetic enzyme from Mycobacterium tuberculosis reveal a novel bound nucleotide. Journal of Biological Chemistry (2011) 286(47): 40706-40716.

    Lee, D. J., Harris, P. W. R., & Brimble, M. A. Synthesis of MUC1 Neoglycopeptides using efficient microwave-enhanced chaotrope-assisted click chemistry. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry (2011) 9(5): 1621-1626. [pdf]

    Leung, E., Kim, J. E., Rewcastle, G. W., Finlay, G. J., & Baguley, B. C. Comparison of the effects of the PI3K/mTOR inhibitors NVP-BEZ235 and GSK2126458 on tamoxifenresistant breast cancer cells. Cancer Biology & Therapy (2011) 11(11): 938-946.

    Locke, M., Feisst, V., & Dunbar, P. R. Concise review: Human adipose-derived stem cells: Separating promise from clinical need. Stem Cells (2011) 29(3): 404-411.

    Locke, M., Ussher, J. E., Mistry, R., Taylor, J. A., & Dunbar, P. R. Transduction of human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells by recombinant adeno-associated virus vectors. Tissue Engineering - Part C: Methods (2011) 17(9): 949-959.

    Loomes, K. M. Survival of an islet beta-cell in type 2 diabetes Curbing the effects of amyloid cytotoxicity. Islets (2011) 3(1): 38-39.

    Lu, G. L., Stevenson, R. J., Chang, J. Y. C., Brothers, P. J., Ware, D. C., Wilson, W. R., Denny, W. A., & Tercel, M. N-alkylated cyclen cobalt(III) complexes of 1-(chloromethyl)-3-(5,6,7- trimethoxyindol-2-ylcarbonyl)-2,3-dihydro-1H-pyrrolo[3,2-f] quinolin-5-ol DNA alkylating agent as hypoxia-activated prodrugs. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry (2011) 19(16): 4861-4867.

    MacDonald, J. R., Oellermann, M., Rynbeck, S., Chang, G., Ruggiero, K., Cooper, G. J. S., & Hickey, A. J. R. Transmural differences in respiratory capacity across the rat left ventricle in health, aging, and streptozotocin-induced diabetes mellitus: Evidence that mitochondrial dysfunction begins in the subepicardium. American Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology (2011) 300(2): C246-C255.

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    Pearce, F. G., Dobson, R. C. J., Jameson, G. B., Perugini, M. A., & Gerrard, J. A. Characterization of monomeric dihydrodipicolinate synthase variant reveals the importance of substrate binding in optimizing oligomerization. Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta-Proteins and Proteomics (2011) 1814(12): 1900-1909.

    Petersen, T. R., Sika-Paotonu, D., Knight, D. A., Simkins, H. M. A., & Hermans, I. F. Exploiting the role of endogenous lymphoid-resident dendritic cells in the priming of NKT cells and CD8+ T cells to dendritic cell-based vaccines. PLoS ONE (2011) 6(3): e17657.

    Qi, T., Ly, K., Poyner, D. R., Christopoulos, G., Sexton, P. M., & Hay, D. L. Structurefunction analysis of amino acid 74 of human RAMP1 and RAMP3 and its role in peptide interactions with adrenomedullin and calcitonin gene-related peptide receptors. Peptides (2011) 32(5): 1060-1067.

    Rehan, A. M., Bashiri, G., Paterson, N. G., Baker, E. N., & Squire, C. J. Cloning, expression, purification, crystallization and preliminary X-ray studies of the C-terminal domain of Rv3262 (FbiB) from Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Acta Crystallographica Section F: Structural Biology and Crystallization Communications (2011) 67(10): 1274-1277.

    Reichau, S., Jiao, W., Walker, S. R., Hutton, R. D., Baker, E. N., & Parker, E. J. Potent inhibitors of a shikimate pathway enzyme from Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Combining mechanism- and modeling-based design. Journal of Biological Chemistry (2011) 286(18): 16197-16207.

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    Ritchie, S. R., Fraser, J. D., Libby, E., Morris, A. J., Rainey, P. B., & Thomas, M. G. Demographic variation in community-based MRSA skin and soft tissue infection in Auckland, New Zealand. New Zealand Medical Journal (2011) 124(1332): 21-30.

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