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Science education workshop for patient groups and medical charities

19 December 2017

Professor Peter Shepherd, Deputy Director of the Maurice Wilkins Centre, recently hosted a one-day workshop to provide updates on medical research advances in various fields to leaders of patient groups and medical charity organisations.

Held at the University of Auckland on 21 November, the workshop featured presentations from MWC investigators on latest developments in:

  • Obesity and factors influencing bodyweight (Professor Tony Merriman and Professor Dave Grattan).
  • The gut microbiome and how it influences our health (Dr Xochitl Morgan).
  • Immune therapy for cancer (Professor Rod Dunbar).

A sponsored morning tea also provided a great networking opportunity for the 30 patient group representatives to network and exchange ideas.

Leaders of patient groups and medical charities are often lay people but are continually asked to make decisions on supporting emerging technologies and scientific approaches. Therefore, many of the attendees found the event very helpful.