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PhD project: the genetics of diabetes and obesity in New Zealand

3 May 2016

A PhD opportunity has arisen which will apply cutting-edge genomics tools to understanding the genetic basis of diabetes and obesity in New Zealand’s unique Maori and Pacific population.

Diabetes and obesity genes will be re-sequenced in order to identify population-specific genetic variants and open doors for new treatments.

This project would involve working closely with both bioinformaticians and genetics researchers. You will be doing this project at the University of Otago (Dunedin campus) in the Department of Biochemistry, co-supervised by Professor Tony Merriman and Associate Professor Mik Black.

A stipend of $25,000 pa (paid in monthly instalments) and payment of tuition fees will be offered to the sucessful candidate upon approval of admission to the University of Otago PhD Programme and completion of the enrolment procedure. The stipend is provided through project collaborators, The Maurice Wilkins Centre (University of Auckland). The tenure of the stipend by a PhD student is for three years, or until the thesis is submitted (whichever period is the shorter). The project is only available to NZ citizens or residents.

This project would suit someone with a strong undergraduate background in genetics and/or statistics and/or bioinformatics, although people with other suitable backgrounds are encouraged to apply. You should have a commitment to biomedical research, be highly motivated and able to work as part of a team.

Please send an email expressing your interest in this studentship to Professor Tony Merriman:

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