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Dame Margaret Brimble wins top Royal Society of Chemistry award

15 July 2022

Distinguished Professor Dame Margaret Brimble’s large body of pioneering work in chemistry was internationally recognised recently by the Royal Society of Chemistry.




Dame Margaret Brimble, Deputy Director of the Maurice Wilkins Centre at the University of Auckland, was awarded the 2022 Pedler Award by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). The Pedler Award is awarded for outstanding contributions to organic chemistry, and this year recognises Margaret’s outstanding research in natural product synthesis, peptide chemistry, and medicinal chemistry. As the recipient of the Pedler Award, Margaret will complete a UK lecture tour in 2023 and be formally presented the award (a medal and £3000).

Margaret and her group’s research, supported in part by the MWC, focuses on the synthesis of novel peptides for use as either anticancer, antimicrobial, or antiviral therapies. The potential of these novel peptides for clinical use continues to motivate her work, as demonstrated by the progression of trofinetide/NNZ-2566 (derived from the human insulin-like growth factor 1 protein) through successful phase 1,2 and 3 clinical trials (conducted by Neuren Pharmaceuticals and Acadia Pharmaceuticals) for the treatment of Rett Syndrome. She says, “I am excited that a molecule we made over 20 years ago is getting over the last hurdle to become the first FDA-approved drug to treat Rett syndrome which is a neurogenic disorder affecting females.”




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