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2019 MWC-GIBH Joint Symposium

14 February 2020

Maurice Wilkins Centre (MWC) researchers gathered with a visiting delegation of scientists from the Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health (GIBH), Chinese Academy of Sciences, for a one-day joint symposium in Auckland recently.

The long-standing relationship between the MWC and GIBH has seen many visits and exchanges over the past several years, the establishment of a joint centre, joint projects, intellectual property and joint symposia.


In 2019, the MWC-GIBH Joint Symposium held at the University of Auckland on 4 December featured research presentations by GIBH and MWC scientists updating their recent work.

As part of the visit two members of the delegation – Prof Liangxue Lai and Prof Donghai Wu – travelled to Hamilton to meet with MWC investigators based at AgResearch, Dr Goetz Laible and Bjorn Oback, to discuss collaboration in the generation of disease models.

The delegation also participated in the MWC’s annual symposium held at Wellington University, and visited the Malaghan Medical Institute of Research to learn more about the successful CAR-T immunotherapy clinical trial. This trial is a collaboration between Prof Peng Li (GIBH) and Prof Ian Hermans (Malaghan/MWC).  The collaboration was initiated through the GIBH-MWC relationship.