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MWC COVID-19 science video translated into Samoan

3 September 2020

A COVID-19 explanatory science video produced by Maurice Wilkins Centre Deputy Director Professor Peter Shepherd has been translated into Samoan by Fiti Laupua, Annie Tuisuga and Seuseu Dr. Tauati at the Samoa Research Organisation of Samoa (SROS).


The video, for which English and Samoan versions are now available on YouTube, provides a short 4- to 5-minute simplified explanation of the virus that causes COVID-19.

"SROS is very happy to assist this information initiative by the Maurice Wilkins Centre, and it is our hope that it supports our Samoan communities through increased understanding of how the COVID-19 virus works to infect and spread, and thus better protect them from the virus. SROS greatly values collaborative initiatives such as this with the Maurice Wilkins Centre for their ongoing community-focussed work," said Pousui Dr. Fiame Leo of SROS.

Professor Peter Shepherd from the MWC, added: "The aim from our end is to provide information about COVID to the Samoan public and to start getting some of these more technical and scientific terms into everyday use - to make science more mainstream in the everyday language of these communities."

The science education initiative is in conjunction with other crucial work the MWC and SROS are involved in with respect to Samoa's overall COVID-19 response. In particular, MWC Associate Professor Miguel Quiñones-Mateu and Professor Shepherd have teamed up to help boost Samoa's COVID-19 testing capabilities.

A simplified explanation of how the virus that causes COVID-19 works

Check out the video on YouTube - available in English and Samoan