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Mass spectrometry symposium

7 September 2013

The Maurice Wilkins Centre hosted a successful one-day symposium on modern mass spectrometry techniques and applications at The University of Auckland on Friday 6 September.

“This was a great opportunity for researchers to learn about and discuss the various aspects of biological mass spectrometry available in New Zealand… I believe the symposium was a great success,” says Dr Torsten Kleffmann, Senior Research Fellow and Director of the Centre for Protein Research at the University of Otago, and one of the speakers at the symposium.

“Presentations covered a diverse range of mass spectrometry capabilities and methodologies [and] despite the tight schedule of a one day event there were good opportunities to further discuss research ideas and get first-hand advice from experts.”

The symposium was free of charge for attendees and the Centre provided a number of grants for its investigators, and others involved in mass spectrometry, based outside of Auckland to travel to the event.

The focus was on the use of mass spectrometry in proteomics research, metabolomics and small molecules, and new technologies. The day concluded with a workshop on current mass spectrometry instrumentation in New Zealand, and a discussion about what future equipment needs might be.

Amongst the keynote speakers were Professor Dame Carol Robinson (University of Oxford), Professor Peter Derrick (University of Auckland), Associate Professor Kevin Downard (University of Sydney) and Associate Professor Bill Jordan (Victoria University of Wellington), all recognised experts on their respective platforms. There was also a range of speakers from around New Zealand, describing the mass spectrometry technologies with which they are currently working and some of their results.