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Biology teacher resources

School teachers are invited to use the material provided as part of the Teacher Professional Development Days for their classroom teaching. 


Teacher Professional Development Days

The Maurice Wilkins Centre has held a series of free teacher professional development days throughout New Zealand, beginning in Auckland in 2012 and then extending from Kaitaia to Invercargill since then with 43 workshops being run in 21 locations across the country.

The one-day events, organised by Professor Dave Grattan (MWC Principal Investigator) and Ms Rachel Heeney (MWC Teacher Liaison) from Epsom Girls Grammar, are designed to help teachers with content for the standards in the Level 3 NCEA curriculum and provide updates on topics of interest to teachers. The Centre coordinates scientists with specialist knowledge in these areas to produce material directly relevant to the curriculum that could be taken straight into the classroom.

Scientists from institutions around the country have volunteered to take part. To date these workshops have had more than 1800 registrations from teachers and their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. An important aim has been to reach provincial areas and teachers who cannot easily access traditional professional development opportunities.

Contact us if you would like to be informed of future Maurice Wilkins Centre teacher events.



Slides from most of the presentations are available in the Sign-In section of our website, and teachers are free to use these for teaching purposes with appropriate acknowledgement. PDF or PowerPoint versions are available. 

Please Contact us for details of how to access these presentations.