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Postgraduate Students

One of the Maurice Wilkins Centre's goals is to support talented postgraduate students throughout New Zealand, whose work may help find new ways to tackle major human diseases.

The multidisciplinary and collaborative nature of Maurice Wilkins Centre research provides an excellent training environment for the young scientists and students who are our future science leaders. Emerging scientists like these are invited to join the Centre as affiliate investigators.

PhD student support

The Centre supports a large cohort of PhD and MSc students within its associated research groups by providing funds for stipends, working expenses and travel, as well as opportunities to access specialised research equipment and facilities. Its students work on cutting-edge scientific projects, from developing new drugs for immunosuppression or tuberculosis, to mapping genes involved in cancer. The first Maurice Wilkins Centre PhD students graduated in 2008 and in 2018 the Centre provided full or partial scholarships for 23 PhD students:


Sean Bisset, Massey University

Taylor Cooney, Victoria University of Wellington

Naomi Daives, University of Auckland

Shaun Ferris, University of Auckland

Matthew Fisk, Victoria University of Wellington

Regan Fu, University of Auckland

Nour Ghamri, University of Auckland

Aqfan Jamaluddin, University of Auckland

Maria Kalyukina, University of Auckland

Benjamin Lu, University of Auckland

Joanna Mathy, University of Auckland

Jordan McCone, Victoria University of Wellington

Claire Mulholland, University of Waikato

Jake Oh, University of Auckland

Danielle Paterson, University of Auckland

Hayley Prescott, Massey University

Jeremy Raynes, University of Auckland

Kristiana Santoso, Victoria University of Wellington

Sepi Shairf, University of Otago

Nathan Skinner, University of Otago

Ethan Woolly, Victoria University of Wellington

Lauren Yule, University of Auckland