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Early-stage target selection & drug screening

The Maurice Wilkins Centre has a history of success developing new drugs and vaccines for a variety of diseases. This programme aims to increase the efficiency of our processes for identifying and developing new agents.

A key aim of this programme is to coordinate the approaches our researchers are using for virtual and actual compound library assembly, compound screening, and in silico analysis, and to improve the efficiency of hit discovery and lead identification.

In addition, it aims to provide a knowledge bank for those whose research is focused on finding new biological targets or molecular mechanisms of action.

As part of this programme, the Maurice Wilkins Centre will organise workshops during which our investigators will review both national and international resources (e.g. high-throughput screens) to decide on howbest to use them and coordinate access.

The workshops represent a ‘stage-gate’ approach to reviewing potential targets for drug development and then plotting the most efficient course towards identifying new drug candidates that can hit those targets.