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Dr Simon Jackson

Simon is a Research Fellow in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Otago. His research focuses on adaptive immune (CRISPR-Cas) systems in bacteria. Several major discoveries made by researchers in the CRISPR-Cas field have led to transformative impacts on many areas of research and biotechnology, such as Cas9-based gene editing. Simon is working toward a programme to develop and apply Cas-based genetic tools for research and biotechnology. He received the 2017 Illumina Emerging Researcher Award and was recently awarded a Marsden Fast-Start Grant. This project will study the function and evolution of hybrid CRISPR-Cas systems that appear to have novel functions. Simon aims to apply discoveries from his research to develop new Cas-based technologies, such as next-generation molecular diagnostics for infectious disease and tools to understand the molecular basis for antimicrobial resistance.