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Emerging Scientists

The multidisciplinary and collaborative nature of Maurice Wilkins Centre research provides an excellent training environment for the young scientists and students who are our future science leaders. Emerging scientists like these are invited to join the Centre as affiliate investigators.

Postgraduate student support

One of the Maurice Wilkins Centre's goals is to support talented postgraduate students throughout New Zealand, whose work may help find new ways to tackle major human diseases. The Centre supports a large cohort of PhD and MSc students within its associated research groups by providing funds for stipends, working expenses and travel, as well as opportunities to access specialised research equipment and facilities. Its students work on cutting-edge scientific projects, from developing new drugs for immunosuppression or tuberculosis, to mapping genes involved in cancer. The Maurice Wilkins Centre has provided full or partial scholarships to a large number of postgraduate students since 2002.  In 2018, the Centre provided support for 23 students.

Flexible Research Seeding Programme


The Centre’s Flexible Research Seeding Programme, available to its investigators, helps seed ground-breaking early-stage projects that are collaborative, multidisciplinary and develop new lines of research. The aim is to spark new projects that will grow into highly innovative and sustainable research programmes. Over the last five years the scheme has supported more than 160 projects involving investigators around the country.

Opportunities to Access Specialised Training and Facilities

The MWC provides funding support for investigators to access specialised training and facilities both nationally and internationally.  This support is targeted primarily at early career investigators and to date 29 investigators have travelled to workshops and laboratories to train in cutting-edge technology. In 2018, affiliate investigators Stewart Masson and EJ Loef used support from this scheme to travel to Monash University’s Biomedicine Discovery Institute and to a MDI Quantitative fluorescence microscopy course in the USA.   

Future Science Day

The Centre’s annual Future Science Day, initiated in 2010, promotes networking and interdisciplinary understanding, and provides career advice for young scientists who are part of its network.

The most recent event, in late 2018 gave selected emerging scientists the opportunity to present their research, network and get expert technical advice on issues related to their work.  They also ran the very successful poster session on the Thursday evening when 50 posters of very high quality were presented. 

The annual MWC Future Science Day is organised by the centre's Early Career Steering Committee.

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Image: The MWC Early Career Steering Committee at the end of 2018. Back row l-r: Catherine Tsai , Marina Rajic, Joanna Hicks (Chair). Front row, l-r: Euan Roger, Iman Kavianinia, Kate Lee, Wanting Jiao, Indigo Matisi. Absent: Sunali Mehta.