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Centre research features in “Ever Wondered”

25 August 2011

TVNZ New Zealand science programme Ever Wondered dedicated an entire episode, which screened for the first time today, to the research of Maurice Wilkins Centre investigators from the Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre (ACSRC)

The programme described the work of ACSRC scientists Drs Adam Patterson, Jeff Smail, and Jack Flanagan, who have designed an exciting new class of drugs to treat cancer. It also featured Maurice Wilkins Centre Director Professor Rod Dunbar and investigator Associate Professor Mark McKeage, describing the importance of the work.

The first of the new class of drugs, called PR509, entered clinical development earlier in the year. The new class of compounds selectively targets low-oxygen (hypoxic) conditions found in many solid tumours and acts against a wide variety of cancer types.

For more information see the media release issued on 23 February 2011: New class of anticancer "stealth" drug proceeds to clinical development

The episode can be viewed in New Zealand on the Science Learning Hub website