New Advances in Understanding Obesity and Type-2 Diabetes

A free public symposium featuring Dr Giles Yeo, Cambridge University obesity expert and BBC TV presenter, and leading New Zealand researchers in this field.

Date April 11th 2017

time10:00 am - 1:00 pm

venueAronui Lecture Theatre
Royal Society of New Zealand
11 Turnbull Street

This 3 hour event will be held from 10 am to 1pm at the Royal Society of New Zealand building in Wellington and will provide a series of short presentations from New Zealand’s leading researchers in this field.  This will together give a broad overview of the state of play in understanding the causes of obesity and type-2 diabetes and in understanding the best ways forward for prevention and treatment of these conditions. The keynote talk will be given by world leading Cambridge University scientist Dr Giles Yeo who you may also recognise as the presenter of the BBC TV series “What diet is right for you?” and the special “Why are we getting so fat?” that was screened on TV1 on Tuesday the 14th March.  

This is a free public event and will be of great interest to those involved in setting and implementing government policies in this area as well as clinicians and members of the public.  To register please click here.